Ontario’s Living Legacy has experienced success in the past 30 decades in an industry filled with a lot of competition and uncertainty. Being a family owned business, we starting from nothing and have with time worked our way up to the top of the food chain. We have our committed clients, those who believed in us and our experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated team of financial advisors to thank for this.

Our team’s expertise is unmatched and they have time and time again proven to be the very best there is. The team at Ontario’s Living Legacy is handpicked. Gauged by their performance in their individual and previous industries and some from their academic prowess and experience. They collectively form a formidable group dedicated to seeing you financially succeed at all costs.

Mission and commitment

At our firm, we treat you as though you are our only client – the only one who matters. Which is all true, you alone matter to use. The service we provide you with shall testify and speak volumes on this.


  • As a financial team, we endeavour to provide innovative financial planning, product designs and strategies coupled with excellent services to our clients helping them attain their financial goals in the protection, enjoyment and optimisation of wealth. We are constantly advocating for them to make informed decisions which will reflect on the value system and commitment that they have to their community.

We shall utilize all resources at our disposal to see to it that the goals set are achieved in a given time frame. Thinking outside the box is a thing we proud ourselves in navigating our path to success.

  • Associates

To enable all Ontario’s Living Legacy partners associates to attain their highest potential. To go way beyond that which they fathomed possible for themselves in the different areas and aspect of their life.

  • Community

To attain all of the set objectives while still serving as great citizens in the community by taking up and active leadership role and also through our charitable events.

  • Strategies

We acknowledge the fact that we serve a diverse client base and as such cannot have a blanket strategy of achieving the different financial goals as such, we have a laid out design that helps us come up with tailor made strategies that will work wonders for you.

  • Explore a new line of thought – initial discussions held with our clients seek to determine if we share the same philosophies in terms of business and personal objectives. We engage in visionary talks and introduce you to our way of thinking that brings the future to your doorstep.
  • Gaining knowledge – after we know where it is you want to go, we seek to understand your current situation.
  • Drawing the financial blueprint – with the information shared we focus our efforts on your objectives and assessing the prevailing situation a blueprint showcasing your current status and financial strategies and potential outcomes is drawn.
  • Generating results – this is where you get to see Ontario’s Living Legacy work its magic in actualising that which once seemed like a dream and was seemingly unattainable.
  • Co Authoring the future – after providing results and proving we can deliver, we need to hear what you have to say about Ontario’s Living Legacy. We are a business that relies on referrals from our clients. We aim to enhance our processes to better the experience and as such will never disappoint.