Majority of the people regard slate to be typically exterior resource. Walkways, garden walls, roofs. Whenever slate is brought into the interior, it is almost exclusively utilized for fairly standardized things that one would normally employ stone for, such as countertops. Read more for further information as regards the other uses of slates.

Slate, however, does not need to be an outdoorsy, off-putting stone with no real decorative purpose. Sure, a majority of it is indeed just that, however, it’s not all of it. Therefore before delving into my favorite uses, a little background would be of immense assistance

Slate represents a metamorphic rock that’s formed under intense heat and pressure from sedimentary rocks. It happens naturally in our world. It forms in a lot of textures, which is awesome news for us, due to the fact that we could make use of them for various purposes. This means it simply matches its surroundings and could hold a variety of purpose better when compared with other textures.

As far as coloring, slate could be a lot of variations of gray. There is very little or no need, for the ashen gray slate except when your needs are very well suited to a monotone and a restrained gray. The slate I always like to work with is a rich, perfect, and deep black. The slate black happens to be a scarce color in decor and therefore offsets most other work in a very impressive manner. It could be used to either complement or highlight other design decisions.

Of course, even when employed for their intended objective of food service, they would brighten up any kitchen. Simply eating or serving off of the slate prompts any kitchen to be posher instantly, and a real pleasure to dine in. Slate is just perfect when you want to avoid that elaborate overuse of ornament and simply try to arrive at that minimalistic understated touch to any room.