They say the state of an individual’s beard reveals a lot about his personality. Growing beards have never been a thing of the past, although we have witnessed a resurgence of beards in the last few years. More men are now on the lookout for tips on where to buy beard softener products to grow their beards in a proper way amidst the busy lives they lead. Continue to read if you are interested in knowing how to properly maintain a beard.

How to grow a beard properly

The time that it requires to grow a beard is dependent on the sprouting level of the person. The first few weeks could be a little unseemly and awkward. Your colleagues at work might think you don’t want to shave due to laziness. In a bid to be crystal clear about your intentions to grow and maintain a beard in a proper manner, eliminate the hairs that grow on the “neckbeard” part with a high-performance trimmer or fresh blade.

How to trim a beard

You might be the type of individual that would rather leave the beard trimming activities to experts. This is surely the most effective and efficient approach. You can get your hands on scissors and trimmers, however, if you have any doubts at all about your capacity and ability to trim the beard appropriately, and don’t even try it. It does not take anything away from your manliness.

Use beard oil

We highly recommend that you use a beard oil to maintain your hair. Beard oil can remove dandruff and other particulates since the beard is near the mouth you use in eating. Beard oils are specifically designed to shine and smoothens the hair. A dry beard never looks nice. Aside from that, there is a wide variety of beard oils to choose from, each varying from the scent. Some beard oils make you smell like a woodsman while there are some that generate a strong manly scent for an appeal.

Keep it neat-looking

Unfortunately, some men failed to maintain their beard neat and clean-looking. It is important that you keep it clean by trimming it. Otherwise, you will look like someone who has been living in a cave for ages. Since you’re going to use it in your face, we suggest that you buy a pair of bear scissors in trimming beards that are growing just under your nose. Finish it off with a beard wax, and it will look well-groomed.

Training your beard

Trimming your beard is essential to have a beard shape, but that doesn’t mean that the beard will maintain that way. Some beard hair is stubborn. What you need to brush it regularly to maintain the shape of your beard. Make sure that you do it in a downward position. When brushing your beard, don’t forget to use a soft-hold styler. It can make it easier for you to sculpt your beard the way you want it to.

Washing it daily

Make sure that you wash your beard on a regular basis, especially during the first few weeks of growing your beard. Washing your beard helps to remove food particles that are trapped in between. Aside from that, it helps to reduce the itchiness of growing a beard. Make sure that you are going to buy a cleanser for washing your beard. After that, do not use an oversized towel in drying your beard. Just pat it dry otherwise you will suffer from split ends.

Eating the right foods

If you notice you’ve done everything you need yet your beard isn’t in good shape, maybe it’s because of the food that you eat. Your facial hair requires nutrients to grow beautifully. We highly recommend that you tweak your diet with foods that are rich in vitamins B9, B3, and B5. So, opt for milk, dairy products, white meat, and nuts. If you want to satisfy yourself, then you should also pair it with a supplement that can help your beard grow just right. Make sure that you’re going to talk to your physician about taking in a supplement before you try it.

Growing a beard represents the masculinity of a man. Hence, make sure that you grow it correctly by applying the required beard care products and spending at least a few minutes every day in taking care of your beard.