If you are daily weed smoker and you do not have a grinder, what’s that all about? Except you are from the old school where you would prefer to break up nugs with your hand. You are just missing out on a lot of kief. Now, why would you like to do that? Once you have yourself a unique cool grinder it’s hugely difficult to return back to scissors.

If you smoke much cannabis cool weed grinders could accelerate the time it requires to grind weed. Which, let us admit, is one of the worst aspects of rolling. I try to transfer crushing weed to one of my friends usually, in exchange for rolling the joints, however, I love my trusty grinder.

Another very good thing about a cool weed grinder happens to be the pollen catcher. While a majority of the grinders possess a pollen catcher and sieve sections others don’t. A pollen catcher could be very good as it provides you with a little stash of kief next to grinding some buds, however, it ‘steals’ pollen that would have been rolled into your joint that time as well. Therefore for buds with very good flavor profiles, I normally remove the pollen section and roll it all in. If you have a friend that has just brought over a few costly pot, do not expect them to make use of the pollen catcher in the grinder. A unique cool grinder could also make a great stoner gift for him or stoner gift for her.

Therefore which ones are the best cool weed grinders and what would you have to pay for them?

Grinders could range in price from the very cheap plastic grinders that cost some dollars that do the job thoroughly, to aluminum and anodized steel grinders up to $20 that will last you for a very long time. You could simply just have one grinder in your collection though and remove the pollen catcher at the times when you don’t need it.