Pokemon Go is here at last, and on virtually every gamer’s wish list is to get their favourite beginner Pokemon. For several gamers this is Charmander, others go for Squirtle, and a handful of Pokemon enthusiasts stick with Bulbasaur. No matter who you favour, the question is still, where do you get them? Well, it’s quite simple at the start, however, there is still more to it. Therefore here is our guide on where to find Charmander as well as other Pokemon Go starters.

So to really get your first one just begin the game and log in. You require either a Pokemon Trainer Club account or Google. Create your character and provide them with a name and bam, you would be right at the centre of the three iconic beginners from Kanto. Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander would be there, so just tap any one you would like and lob your Pokeball.

You should catch them quite easily, and you are off on your huge Pokemon adventure. After that, you might think about where you could get more of the same beginner, or maybe the two that you did not select.  pick. These are quite rare, so they would not be as easy to discover as a Pidgey or Rattata, however, you could still do it. Unlike the normal games, beginners could still be discovered in the wild.

To locate them you would likely want to follow our tips on how to discover rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Essentially you would want to visit places that match the Pokemon type you’re wanting to see. Therefore if you want a Squirtle you should head in the direction of some water, Charmander would be around something fire related, and Bulbasaur should be around other plants.

If you catch a lot, they can be used to power up and advance your present Pokemon always, go through this guide on ways of getting candy for that. Or else, you should be ever ready to have an amazing Charmander or whatsoever you are searching for in your collection.